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Preventative Maintenance

Our mission here at Ace Air Conditioning is to provide you the very highest quality of air conditioning services possible!

Due to the increased awareness of mold and the negative effects they have on your health and well being, we have taken steps to help protect our customers from these infestations. Ace Air Conditioning, Inc. has developed new methods to help minimize such hazards.

We have implemented these methods into three different maintenance plans.

These plans are designed to meet all your air conditioning, heating, and ventilation needs, plus they focus on the quality of the air you breath. With proven methods and advanced product knowledge, we actually have the ability to make the air inside your home much cleaner than the air outside.


The PLATINUM CUSTOMER CARE PLAN is the most extensive and thorough plan offered at ACE! It is intended to be the finest care that an air conditioning system can receive. This service is not just a tune-up, but an equipment cleaning and disinfection on a continuous basis. This is to assure you that there will be no harmful molds breeding inside your equipment.


The GOLD CUSTOMER CARE PLAN is also a high quality plan designed to save you money. This is accomplished by lowering energy costs, decreasing costly repair bills, and adding life to your system. It just makes sound sense to protect the most costly appliance in a home. Breath easy, twice a year this plan also offers a brush cleaning and disinfection of your coils where most molds breed.


The SILVER CUSTOMER CARE PLAN is designed for those who have a tight budget. And for those people who know a good air conditioning service will pay for itself by lowering energy costs. This plan will also give you peace of mind that the cooling system will continue to operate at its best! This plan also keeps in mind that the quality of air you breath in is important, so we disinfect the inside coil to slow the growth of molds there also.

Often times your energy savings over a year’s time is more than the actual cost of the maintenance checkup!

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