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30+ Point Air Conditioning and Heating Inspection Cleanings Twice a Year

  1. Check system for proper refrigerant charge
  2. Check compressor amperage
  3. Check condenser fan amperage
  4. Clean vegetation from around outdoor unit
  5. Clean and check condensing coil
  6. Check capacitors
  7. Check contactor points
  8. Check crankcase heater
  9. Check condensing temperature split at condenser
  10. Wax the outdoor unit
  11. Check defrost control boards
  12. Make sure condenser is level
  13. Check thermostat level
  14. Check thermostat calibration
  15. Check air flow
  16. Check for noticeable leaks in duct work
  17. Check temperature split at evaporator coil

  1. Check all safety controls
  2. Check and tighten electrical connections
  3. Lubricate moving parts
  4. Change or wash your filter
  5. Flush out drain line
  6. Add algaecide tabs to condensate pan
  7. Check blower amps
  8. Check heat strips amperage
  9. Disinfect air handler cabinet and evaporative coil
  10. Check and clean evaporator drain pan
  11. Check starting capabilities
  12. Pull and clean blower assembly and motor yearly!
  13. Report to you any necessary improvements that could be made
  14. Brush clean evaporative coil, if accessible
  15. Sanitize duct system
  16. Remove leaves from outdoor unit


  1. 7 days a week EMERGENCY SERVICE available!
  2. Become a priority customer and get preferential treatment over
    non-plan holders!
  3. Increases the life span of your unit!
  4. Improved efficiency of your equipment!
  5. Guaranteed to have less costly repairs!
  6. No service charges for maintenance related problems!

The total cost of the PLATINUM CUSTOMER CARE PLAN is $499.00 per year.
Each additional system at the same location is $389.00 more!

The GOLD CUSTOMER CARE PLAN is also a high quality plan designed to save you money. This is accomplished by lowering energy costs, decreasing costly repair bills, and adding life to your system. It just makes sound sense to protect the most costly appliance in a home. Breath easy, twice a year this plan also offers a brush cleaning and disinfection of your coils where most molds breed.

The SILVER CUSTOMER CARE PLAN is designed for those who have a tight budget. And for those people who know a good air conditioning service will pay for itself by lowering energy costs. This plan will also give you peace of mind that the cooling system will continue to operate at its best! This plan also keeps in mind that the quality of air you breath in is important, so we disinfect the inside coil to slow the growth of molds there also.