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Customer Testimonials

At Ace Air Conditioning we always strive to give our customers the best possible experience.  Whether it’s routine maintenance, service, or a brand new system installation,  we want you to be more than satisfied.  It is our goal to make you smile, and to give you the kind of service you’ll want to tell your friends about.

And these aren’t just empty claims we make to gain your business.  The proof comes directly from our customers.  Let some of them tell you, in their own words, why they love Ace Air Conditioning.


Scott and Angelia Williams

Scott and Angelia Williams

Scott and Angie were searching for an air conditioning system that was affordable, while improving their indoor comfort and lowering their monthly energy bills and energy consumption! The Bryant Legacy Heat Pump System was found to be the perfect solution, offering improved humidity control, higher efficiencies, a great pricepoint and lower monthly usage costs!


“…We are writing to thank you for the great job you and your staff have done for us.The response time was amazing. You were very helpful in finding the proper equipment for our home.Charles and John did a wonderful job installing the inside and outside units. We had no idea that they would be so thorough with the installation. They kept their work area clean throughout the day. Great job guys.The unit works wonderful, we could not be any happier. We will recommend you to anyone who needs AC work.Thanks again…”


Karen and Herb Schumann

Karen and Herb Schumann

Karen and Herb Schumann were looking for an air conditioning company that had NATE certified technicians and found Ace Air Conditioning from the NATE website. NATE certified technicians are trained and tested to the higher levels of competency. Having this certification is the HVAC equivalent of ASE certification for automotive technicians. Comfort Specialist Joe Day was called out and helped the Schumanns research and choose a new system that would be most beneficial to their needs. They decided on the Bryant Evolution system, currently the worlds most advance AC system on the market. The benefits of the Bryant Evolution system would ensure proper temperature and humidity control at a cost much less than a standard efficiency system.

“We had the same air conditioning system since we built our home in 1993. When our Trane system went out after 15 years, we were fortunate that it was a mild weather time. We had the luxury of being able to shop around during nice weather, that is, we weren’t forced to make a quick decision just to get cool air in the house.

Our search included a number of local companies, as well as countless online searches to understand the features of different systems, so we could become informed consumers. We really appreciate the time that Joe Day spent with us during the sales process. His expertise, friendliness, and willingness to take time to understand our needs really made a tremendous difference for us.

Overall, we were impressed with the combination of understanding our needs, professional installation, and post-sale follow-up provided by Ace Air.”


Norma Linden


Norma Linden met Eddie Palmateer, the owner of Ace Air Conditioning back in 1995 while he worked with her on the installation of her new home HVAC system. Throughout the years, she called on Ace to ensure her system was well maintained. 12 Years later, due to the rapidly increasing costs of energy, she decided to contact Ace Air Conditioning to replace her existing system with a Bryant Evolution.

“Twelve and a half years ago I had my old A/C replaced by ACE after various estimates from different companies.  I was very pleased with the work done by ACE and with the unit that was installed. 

When the time came to replace the unit last month, I called ACE for an estimate.  I was treated with courtesy, and Scott was very knowledgeable.  We talked about the new efficient units, and he recommended the Evolution by Bryant.  I was very impressed by all he had to say about it.  Scott directed me to a website where I could read about the award given to the Evolution, and I was further impressed about what I read.  I was also attracted to this unit because of the incentives, such as the $1000 rebate from Bryant which I received promptly. 

Joe Day came to look at the house and see what I needed for the Evolution to work properly.  He was also very knowledgeable, and I made the decision to sign up a contract the same evening.  ACE also filed the paperwork with the electric company, so I could receive a credit from them for purchasing this unit.  I was also approved for a 6 month 0% interest credit. 

The job was completed to my full satisfaction, and I am extremely happy with my Evolution.  It is so quiet and efficient.  I have been telling all my friends about it.  Thanks ACE!”


Allen Mann

Allen Mann

Allen Mann found Ace Air Conditioning on recommendation from a neighbor who was very pleased with their HVAC system installation.  His neighbor spoke highly of Ace Air Conditioning based on their excellent past experience with the company.  Comfort Specialist Joe Day met with Mr. Mann to look over his current HVAC system and discuss his options.  Mr. Mann chose a Bryant Legacy with Variable Speed Air Handler.  This system would offer him humidity control with the efficiency of 14 SEER at a reasonable installation cost.

“This serves to acknowledge and praise the excellent work done by the Ace Air Conditioning team, in the process of selecting, purchasing, and then installing a new 3 ton Bryant heat pump at our home on Jan. 11th, 2008.

From the very first conversation with your supervisor, Joe Day, on our choice of the best possible heat pump to suit our home square footage, to the actual work of removing the old equipment, and installing the new heat pump by Brian and Daniel, every step was professionally controlled, and smoothly executed.

Your office staffer, Jodi, was always extremely courteous and helpful, whenever we had to contact her.

My wife and I are very pleased with the overall quality of the work performed and congratulate your staff on a very satisfactory outcome.

We would confidently recommend your company to anyone requiring similar work.”


Terry Bellefleur

Terry Bellefleur

When Mr. Bellefleur wanted an addition to his home, he trusted Ace Air Conditioning for the job.   Ace did the mechanical system adaptations and replaced the existing system.   Ace also demolished and reinstalled all duct-work which had been leaking conditioned air into the attic, causing his system to work harder to cool his house and raising his electric bill.  For help with his family’s allergy problems, a Bryant Evolution Series Perfect Air Purifier was installed to capture, kill and inactivate any harmful bacteria, viruses, mold spores and allergens.

“We were adding on to our home, and the first AC company that I tried to deal with recommended a system that the city would not even approve.  Then when we called Ace.  The design, installation, and follow up were second to none.  We had a 16+ SEER Bryant Evolution system with the Perfect Air Purifier installed in our home.  The system that was recommended and installed works perfectly and we could not be happier. I will only deal with Ace Air Conditioning from now on and will only recommend them to those I know.”


Janet and Rick Bowers

Janet and Rick Bowers

Janet Bowers, President and CEO of Baypoint Homes in Kissimmee, chose Ace Air Conditioning based on her pleasant past experience using the company for design and mechanical system installation on new homes.  Her home HVAC system was aging and increasing repairs costs led her to look into replacement options.  Janet decided on the Bryant Evolution system, giving her peace of mind knowing her system was under warranty, it was not going to fail when she needed it the most and that it would provide a level of comfort in her home that she has not experienced before.  The Bowers were delighted with the customer service they received as well as the attention to detail from the installers.

Craig Olsen, (Scott Palmateer) and Frank Ferentino

Craig Olson

Craig Olson is the CEO of Heartbilt Homes, a family owned and operated custom home builder based in Orange City, Florida. Over the last two years, Heartbilt Homes has partnered with Ace Air Conditioning during both mechanical system design and installation phases of all their various new construction projects.

“We’ve had the pleasure for the past two years of partnering with Ace Air Conditioning for the mechanical system design and installation for our new homes.  Their work is a huge step up from what we are accustomed to seeing and generally expect from an HVAC contractor.  From system design, to on-time job scheduling, to superior job installation quality, and quick inspection/ permit handling and warranty, their performance is flawless.  We would recommend Ace Air Conditioning to anyone looking for a higher quality contractor. Additionally, we plan to use Ace Air Conditioning for many years to come.”